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Why VR adds the oomph to your corporate events

VR Augmented Reality

Why VR adds the oomph to your corporate events

Why VR adds the oomph to your corporate events was last modified: March 23, 2018 by VR Tech Today


The thrill and adrenaline rush that you experience when first wearing a Virtual Reality headset is out of this world. There is nothing comparable to it. You are transported to a totally new world and get to experience it as if you were actually there. This trend has already spread throughout the world of technology and it should be a part of your next corporate event right away.

Here is a rationale as to what VR adds to your corporate event and why you should include it in your next if you haven’t already.

It’s not just a Gamer’s thing

It is time to bust the myth that VR is for gamers alone. With the constant addition of a variety of new games, it can adhere to all types of people. Beginners to experts all can take advantage of the spectrum of experience levels that VR games offer. The tennis game, for example, can be played by a person who has never played a game virtual or real.

Fancy and sophisticated equipment and controls

There is a wide range of VR equipment available in the market. Many times people have the impression that just keeping a Virtual Reality booth is enough for an event. So they go in for the cheapest equipment available. This may make your brand’s reputation in the market suffer.
You should always try to choose the best equipment and controls for your booth. Look for some exceptional features which could make you stand out among others.

No need for a large space

Space, as we know is an expensive thing. The advantage of VR is that it can be accommodated in the smallest of spaces. Booths can be set up for the event attendees to enjoy and experience VR in the smallest of spaces.

There are a lot of experts in this area who can provide all the necessary equipment to set up VR games at your corporate events. According to the space available and the number of people expected these experts can draw up a proposal for you. They take care of the VR headsets, all the games, and equipment to be provided along with the setup. All you have to do is sit back and let them handle it. Once they are done, you will have the best of VR action at your fingertips or should I say eye tips??

Prospecting opportunities

Virtual Reality at a party is the most fun thing to have. But apart from the high entertainment factor, VR also proves to be a tremendous help for badge scanning for prospecting. It’s presence at a part is enough to guarantee a high number of attendees. This helps in higher chances of acquiring clients and increasing business.

VR is groovy and a la mode

VR has created such hype in the market that everyone wants to experience it. Many have heard of it but there are a very limited amount of people who have actually had a chance to experience it firsthand. So having VR at your corporate event ensures more than the usual number of people to stroll in. VR has the charm to attract a lot of onlookers as it is fun to see a person waving his hands in the air hitting or aiming at things that are invisible to the spectators. VR will definitely make a party a success as it always attracts attention.

As there are flat screens provided in each VR booth, spectators also know what exactly is going on and what the VR experience is about. Photo booths are so passé choose VR for your next event and spice up the regular boring party. A VR experience is a new, fun and exciting mechanism to add life to your next corporate event.


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