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Review : Low Price Windows Mixed Reality Headset by Lenovo Explorer

Review : Low Price Windows Mixed Reality Headset by Lenovo Explorer

VrTechToday Admin May 7, 2018

This new Windows mixed reality headset by Lenovo is very lightweight. It is extremely affordable and easy to carry around. Its striking feature is being able to fit on a tiny head. So this is going to be the first choice if you have kids.

Windows 10 had its taste of Virtual Reality with the Mixed Reality Headsets by Microsoft. This time Microsoft did not focus on the hardware side. They left it to other experts in the business like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus, Samsung, and Acer. They partnered with them for the hardware and focussed on the software. Microsoft asked these experts to bring the various compatible headsets into the market using Microsoft’s specifications.

What Microsoft focussed on is the controller. The partners received a controller for reference and then had the freedom of customizing as per their free will.

Acer’s headset is the one we saw earlier and it leaves us with a mixed bag of feelings. First,let’s see the good things. It is extremely light in weight. It has got a to the point display and is very simple on the set-up front. But it ends there. Overall the product feels cheap. Also, the controllers included in the VR set by Acer are unimpressive.

The Windows mixed reality headset from Lenovo are one of the competitors to Acer as they come with a similar price tag. Also, their features are comparable. So these two are easily comparable.

Windows mixed reality is Microsoft’s VR platform. It provides support to AR and VR on Windows 10. It is compatible with many VR devices like the HoloLens. This platform enables you to access your content in  3D. Armed with these headsets you are all set to enter the virtual world. You are free to customize it to your preferences. The Beach House is the default. It has many rooms and also has work spaces.

Windows has just stepped into the VR world. So it is still taking baby steps. There is not much to do in a VR environment. Although Microsoft claims that most of the apps support it but the problem is that these apps didn’t start as 3D apps. They are not inherently 3D apps.

Using the Acer Headsets to actually type out this review is what excited me. But my excitement was shortlived. Some problem in the applications of UWP Office from Microsoft stopped me from opening office apps from the virtual environment. This not an issue anymore. So with the headsets from Lenovo, we have written this using Word Mobile.

Windows has improved a lot in their VR environment but they still have a lot to achieve. The office apps now work fine which is a big achievement. But the productivity aspect still falls behind especially when we see the VR environment from Oculus’ Core 2.0. It’s a good thing that Microsoft’s native apps work with Windows MR but you cannot expect a person to work with headphones on the whole day. Even using the office applications seem beneficial for fast edits. Infact, it is more of a hindrance. There is constant need to lift up the visor to get a feel of the reality around you.

For even a simple thing like getting hold of the mouse, we pushed up the visor. It was quite a learning of the importance of peripheral vision. Even for the Acer headset, navigating applications with the motion controllers was a tedious task. Earlier using the mouse in the virtual environment did not work but something has changed since then. Now with Microsoft’sMR, it does work in the virtual environment.

Do let us know your views on this Windows mixed reality headset review. We always welcome feedback from our viewers. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


Image Credit: Lenovo

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