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Why winemakers use virtual reality to get more tourists?

Why winemakers use virtual reality to get more tourists?

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2018

Australian winemakers have their eyes set on international markets. The federal government has left no stones unturned in getting winemakers  to provide wine experience using VR in Australia to lure tourists. They have in fact raised as much as $2.8 million for a selected few bodies.

Out of these selected wine making bodies, three are looking at the prospect of creating a VR/AR experience. Riverland wine is one such winemaker. They are one of the largest grape producers for wine in South Australia. They are planning to spend close to half a million to create a wine experience using VR. With today’s techno-savvy population, they hope to lure wine lovers with technology. They expect a good turnout of tourists at Riverland Wines. This will help them make their mark on the world map.

What they find charming is the motility of VR to any region. This makes it easy to spread it across various events.

Making an entryway into China

China has turned out to be one of the major destinations for Australia’s wine exports. The past two years show a significant increase in Australian winemaking way into China’s markets. The last one year itself showing more than a billion dollars in exports.

In 2016 itself, Seppeltsfield, which is a winery in South Australia, invested in this technology. They did wine experience using VR to attract tourists to their vineyard. It was noted that using virtual reality has actually been quite successful in Asia, China in particular. They received a very good response from the Chinese market and found that virtual reality fits well in their marketing strategies.

Virtual Reality seems to be the logical next step for businesses to get more tourists. It proves to be a new way of getting foreign customers for their wine.

Is Reality itself losing its place due to wine experience using VR?

This increase in Virtual Reality experiences across vineyards poses a bigger question – Is the real vineyard experience losing out to the VR experience?

The winery managers think that VR will get more tourists to want to visit the actual place. Wine experience using VR will make the viewers want to actually visit the area. This is the hope. It will, in fact, give people a reason to actually visit the place. It won’t have a negative impact on the tourism of the region.

Even the Seppeltsfield management feel that VR is just the tool. It will help promote the wineries at events like trade fairs. Wine experience using VR will not result in replacing the real-life experience. The VR may result in an increased interest among patrons. As this will be a trailer of what is in store for them. The winemakers feel that the actual challenge is the continuous changes and innovations in tech. Keeping up with these is the more difficult task.

Most of them believe that the technology has evolved a lot since they first launched it a couple of years ago.


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