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Wolfenstein Cyberpilot Finally Gets VR Support with PSVR and VIVE

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot Finally Gets VR Support with PSVR and VIVE

VrTechToday Admin June 27, 2018

Bethesda had announced a while ago that many of the new titles will come with virtual reality support. Some of these include Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, Prey VR, and The Elder Scrolls:Blades. At the recent press conference of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), we came across a few more titles.

The Wolfenstein Cyberpilot title is going to come equipped to run with the PlayStation VR. The press site for Bethesda also confirms that there will be a PC compatible version also. We already know that this title is solely for VR so there is no doubt that the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift will also be supported. And as if to confirm this, HTC Vive’s twitter handle also retweeted Bethesda’s announcement for Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. So the support is sort of confirmed.

Now let’s turn to the gameplay. Bethesda did let us in on a part of the story. This is how it goes: It’s 1980 Paris. You are one of the best hackers there is in the town so your mission is to help the French resistance. For this purpose, there are Nazi war machines that you need to take control of. You have to do what it takes even if it means leaving a spate of bodies strewn across the city of love. So get ready and buckle up as you are one with the team. You are a cyberpilot.

As a cyberpilot you need to do a lot of wile and unpleasant things. You need to take control of some nasty machines and turn them against their makers. In this way, you change the course of the ongoing war.

MachineGames is the studio behind this game so gamers will have no doubts regarding the VR quality. This is the same studio behind Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. This is the first time MachineGames has ventured into VR. The experience qualitywill be good with MachineGames being the studio behind it.

There is going to be quite a wait for the launch of this one though. It will be sometime in 2019. The E3 show floor will include this title. Let’s wait and watch if the experience is really worth this long wait.

Do let us know your thoughts this  amazing game Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. We love to hear feedback from our readers. Please leave your comments below and help us serve you better. Any kind of feedback, positive or negative is welcome. We strive to improve and serve our readers better.

Image Credit: Bethesda

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