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Oculus Quest is set support the official YouTube VR App

Oculus Quest is set support the official YouTube VR App

patrickrisa May 21, 2019

Google and Facebook confirmed the introduction of YouTube VR app on the stand alone Oculus Quest VR headset which is set to be launched in a few days to come. Oculus introduced Oculus Quest with the aim of bringing new customers into the virtual reality platform. With introduction of YouTube VR on Oculus Quest will make the headset more appealing to Virtual Reality fans, this is as result of increasing immersive content uploaded on YouTube. You can access YouTube platform using the Oculus browser, however, with a YouTube VR app accessing the video service will be much easier.

“We want to bring the YouTube VR app to as many people with a VR headset as possible. With more than 1 million VR videos and experiences on YouTube, we want to make sure all new Oculus Quest users and VR fans are able to able to access the diverse library of immersive content on YouTube.” Said Kurt Wilms, YouTube VR Product Lead.  YouTube VR is also available on HTC Vive, Gear VR, PSVR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Daydream and it supports 180 degree and 360 degree alongside the previous 2D content.

“We hope people get excited about all of the incredible content being created on YouTube every day! There’s a ton of amazing videos just waiting to be discovered. We hope that Oculus users can see and experience something totally unique that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.” Oculus Quest runs on a mobile chipset which is underpowered when compared with chipsets on PC-based headsets and this challenge has kept off a number of top apps from the standalone system. Google has however added Tilt Brush App which fills the void created by missing Facebook’s apps. The launch will also include Moss and the musical gardening adventure Fujii from Funktronik Labs.

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